The Delta Lake dam has residents of Rome concerned this morning, appearing to be spitting out more water than usual. After the rain that occurred last night in the Mohawk Valley, no one is surprised, but rather curious if the dam is experiencing a breach or not.

Credit: Ken Buehler
Credit: Ken Buehler
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According to sources close to the scene, the dam is not breached, but appears different than normal due to the water pushing against the buoyies.

Apparently it was so much pressure it snapped the boys and it appeared as though it was a breach however it was not a breach just the buoy line broke. All good.

County officials are on the scene to ensure the dam is safe from impacts of the weather.

The large amount of water has also contributed to flooding of the Mohawk River at Staley Elementary. A video sent in by Ken Buehler shows the flooded property.

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