A family-run Hudson Valley business has gained national attention after being featured on an inspiring reality series.

The American Dream is an inspiring series that showcases the success stories of small businesses that have skyrocketed to success. Hosted by Eric Roberts, the show follows the journeys of these entrepreneurs, starting with their humble beginnings that led to their current accomplishments. Some successful businesses that have been featured on the show include KFC, Jersey Mike’s, Auntie Anne's and Royal Caribbean.

This weekend, a Poughkeepsie-based business was featured on the latest season of The American Dream. LCS Facility Group was started by entrepreneur Joe Lepore with just one van and five employees. Today, the cleaning company has four national offices employing over 500 people.

LCS Facility Group offers clients facility maintenance, hospitality, construction support and more. Still run out of its Pougkeepsie headquarters. the company continues to grow. It was just announced last week that the LCS was acquiring Reliable Cleaning Services, expanding their footprint in Orange County.

The story of Poughkeepsie’s Joe Lepore and his journey in bringing LCS Facility Group from a small business to a cleaning empire was featured on The American Dream on April 30. If you're interested in watching it, be sure to check your local listings for additional airings on The Bloomberg Network.

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