Ethan turns 8 years old on June 24th. The Potsdam, New York boy has had a rough time over the past year. Ethan has a rare disease called CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome ) and he's been living with autism.

Ethan's parents say his disease has resulted in problems in school.  It also makes it hard for him to understand the concept of birthdays. "He very rarely gets invited to parties, and because of being sick has only had a few parties himself."

This year Ethan was asked what he would like for his birthday. After thinking, he told his parents "FRIENDS and a billion birthday cards. We can not give him friends, but with every ones help we can give him a boat load of cards."

A Facebook post on Ethan and Jayden's Journey says "We are hoping everyone will share this post and send him a card."

If you want to make Ethan's birthday wishes come true, you can send a card to the address below.

Flood Ethan with cards by sending to:

Ethan Mills

8 Debra Drive APT D204

Potsdam, New York


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