There is a bill that would allow a tax break from volunteer emergency responders. But some of the suggested requirements may be unrealistic. Some help could be coming to volunteer emergency EMTs and firefighters in the way of a tax break. According to, state lawmakers have two bills in Albany to help volunteer emergency responders become exempt from state income taxes.

There are, however, a few qualifications that the volunteers would have to achieve. They would have had to be with their department for at least a year and must be in good standing. To qualify the volunteer emergency responders must be certified by the Service Coordinator of their County and they would have to attend more than fifty percent of their department's activities.

Some of the volunteer EMTs and firefighters say that these qualifications may be unrealistic. Attending half of the department's activities could be difficult because of their volunteer status.

The bill is in Albany now and lawmakers hope to pass it in the next four weeks.

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