The restaurant had no care to give, they called him out on social media in very specific detail.

We all have bad days, but one thing you never do is what one man did at Gino's in Fayetteville. In this case, one guy became a male version of a Karen, except, who the restaurant is calling Pat hit a much lower low and decided to throw a temper tantrum using obscenities and racial slurs. What caused it all? An incorrect order.

Gino's Cheese Steak and Onions is known for its chill vibes and great food. They went on record on Facebook with a post saying that they never will apologize for eliminating negative energy from their establishment. They needed to make that clear at the start of a post where they called out a local man who just couldn't handle his order being done wrong.

While ordering, it was noticed Pat was very disgruntled and the server was attempting to correct his order. After numerous attempts, the order was done exactly as he wished. When the order came out wrong, all hell broke loose. The restaurant attempted to resolve the situation by remaking this man's order, but it wasn't enough.

In front of children, he dropped plenty of F-bombs and even decided to call the server a racial slur. After being ejected, he mentioned how much money he has and that he would be in contact with an attorney. The restaurant isn't phased by that, they don't care if the customer decides to press charges. They even went as far as saying the post they put up is meant to defame the man.

What is the lesson to learn? Don't be Pat.

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