When you made a mess when you were young, your mother was usually close behind to clean it up. But when you grow up, it's time to put your big boy or girl pants on and clean it yourself.

If your mother didn't make you clean your room, or anything else when you were little, the training starts in college when you have to share a dorm or house with others. Some may be neat freaks while others are slobs. Don't be the slob. Clean up your mess. It'll prepare you for adulthood.

If you're still the slob once you've moved out on your own, don't bring it to work. Your place of employment is for professional adults or at least should be.

At our work it's the kitchen. There's always dirty dishes in the sink. Who do you think is going to wash them? This morning it was the coffee that overflowed, spilling on the counter, onto the floor and soaking into the rug. It sat so long the coffee actually dried on the floor and no one cleaned it up.

My point is: If you make a mess, clean it up! Your mother doesn't work here.


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