Today is the big day. I will rappel (for the first time) over the Adirondack Bank Building at 11am.  It's all part of Special Olympics New York 'Over The Edge' fundraiser where if you raise $1000, you can rappel.  

A thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money, especially in this tough economy.  I thought there would be no way to raise that much.  But once again, our faithful listeners came through, in a big way.  So far the total is $1525.00!

We'll also find out if I can keep my heart out of my throat long enough to rappel down the side of the 15 story building.  I'm told it's easy.  Once you get started it's a cake walk.  It's the starting that's the problem. 

We'll tape the rappel, so be sure to check back for what could be some interesting video and pictures of the event.

Congrats to all the raffle winners:

Sue Stratton - Lady Antebellum concert tickets
Shelly Privett - Toby Keith concert tickets
Patty Duke - Rodney Atkins signed CD
Deb Ern - Rodney Atkins signed FrogFest shirt
Gail Buswell - Big Frog T-Shirt autographed by Montgomery Gentry