Poland Central Schools re-opens this morning after last week's basement fire.

The school has been closed since last Tuesday, May 14th when an early morning fire broke out in a basement storage area. Cleaning and air purification has occurred around the clock since Tuesday.

“We would like to again thank everyone who has worked hard over the past week to get our school safe, ready and clean for the return of students,” Poland Superintendent Laura Dutton said. “Thank you to everyone who helped us and to the school community for your support. We are looking forward to seeing students walking the hallways and learning in classrooms again on Monday.”

Students will be informed during an assembly this morning and some will be given new lockers. A fire drill, weather permitting, will take place to practice exiting the building from relocated classrooms and using alternate routes.

The district will not have to make up the missed days because they'll be classified with the state as “extraordinary condition days” under the category of “destruction of school building.” School officials, however, are working on creative ways to maximize instruction time to allow students to prepare for Regents exams and other testing.

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