It's more convenient to fly but is it worth it? Sure, you save time. But how much is your time really worth? The hassles of flying now a days makes you question whether a flight is your best option. Here's 6 things that suck about flying.

The Price

Have you bought a plane ticket recently? OMG. I paid $265 for a one way trip. One way. That's not including the fees if you need to check your bags. Luckily I fit everything into a carryon. Or the fees for parking. Long term parking doesn't mean cheap parking. A week stay costs $65. And heaven forbid if you need to eat or drink. Everything in the airport costs way more.

TSA Check Point

The line can be brutal at the TSA check point. Since I had an early flight, the line was fairly short. Thank God since you have to take off your shoes, put your laptop in a separate bin and your carryon or purse in another. Then if you have items that aren't allowed, that's another check point. I had hairspray and perfume, that I loved. Both were confiscated since they were over 3 ounces. What on earth could I do with those 2 items that would harm an airplane full of passengers? Make their hair nice and everyone smell good?

The Wait

It's suggested you arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. Why? So you can sit and wait some more. I guess since I had an early flight and the TSA check point line was short, I waited longer than most.

Crying Children

Once you're finally on the plane, there's always one. A baby that cries the entire flight. Thankfully it wasn't coming from the seat beside me.

Rude Passengers

Why do some people have to be so rude? There's always a few ignorant passengers on every flight. I sat beside one woman who was asked twice if she'd fastened her seatbelt, which she lied and said she did. On the third request, the flight attendant was kind enough to bring her a belt extension so it would fit. This is also the same passenger who refused to put her phone in airplane mode and continually chatted on Facebook messenger during takeoff. Once we landed, this same woman pushed through the line so she could get off the plane sooner than the people in front of her.

Airplane Bathroom

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom in an airplane toilet? It's so small even if you weren't claustrobic before, you would be after. If you hit turbulence, it's another story. Your best bet is to hold it until you get off the plane, if you can.

Gates Miles Apart

Why are the gates to your connecting flights so far apart? Especially when you only have a 35 minute layover. I had to go from gate 55 to 21 and Thank God for the moving walkways or I would have never made it. I also thank the old lady and kids I knocked down to get there on time. I'm kidding. I didn't knock anyone over. I don't think anyway.

Both flights took off and landed on time. I guess I should be grateful for that. And flying through the clouds was cool. So it wasn't all bad.



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