While no one seems to know why the Planters Nutmobile is in town, it's already creating quite the buzz across Central New York.

Lauren Kochian, the president of the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, first spotted the giant nut-shaped vehicle this morning outside the museum, where it was parked illegally in staff spots.

"If anyone knows the proud owner of this please let them know it’s about to be towed for blocking my staff spots illegally," Kochian posted on Facebook.

Kochian also shared the photo on Twitter, writing that while someone moved the Nutmobile shortly after, it was "kind of a nuisance when educators are walking in to work and we have a bunch of STEAM Explorers kids coming shortly thereafter getting dropped off."

CNYCentral reported that the Nutmobile moved and was later spotted taking up two parking spots in front of the Jefferson Clinton Hotel in downtown Syracuse.

Up until recently, the Kraft Heinz Company was searching for college graduates to become Planters Spokespeople, or Peanutters, and drive the Nutmobile from city to city across the country for the next year.

The Nutmobile was last spotted in Syracuse nearly a year ago, when The Daily Orange got an inside look at the giant peanut vehicle.

Have you spotted the Nutmobile out and about in Central New York? Send us your pictures and let us know where you saw the vehicle inside our station app.

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