There's the polar plunge and then there's a group of hard-core New Yorkers who enjoyed a snowy winter day at the beach.

If you've ever been to Lake George, you know the water can be cold even in the middle of the summer. Imagine what it feels like in late January. Refreshing is probably not the first word to come to mind.

Crazy is the first word that came to mind when I saw 6 people spending a day at the beach. They were all wearing bathing suits and some were crazy enough to actually get in the water. Not just for a second or two to take a picture either. Apparently, this wild bunch has been doing this every day for the past couple of weeks. And they're in no rush to get out.

Credit - Ricky White via Facebook
Credit - Ricky White via Facebook

Normally during this time of year, the water is covered with ice and you see fishermen or snowmobilers on the lake. However, the unseasonably warm temperatures have left the lake ice, fisherman, and snowmobile free.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will begin to cooperate. The Lake George Winter Carnival is held every weekend in February and it's hard to have an ice castle without ice.

You can join in the fun with the polar plunge though. It'll be held every Carnival day at 3 PM. You just have to sign up in advance.

I don't know about you, but there's not enough money in the world to get me to jump into a frigid pond in the middle of winter. Ok, maybe a million bucks.

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