Cashless tolls will arrive this November across New York state. That means that there will be no more toll booths and pictures of license plates will be taken from up above. What happens if you have a peeling plate? Will it be able to be read?

According to News 10 ABC, there are a lot of questions surrounding the cashless tolls, and if peeling license plates will be able to be read. If they aren't who is responsible?

Cars traveling the Thruway starting in November will no longer have to stop at toll booths. Instead, the cashless tolls will be used statewide along the Thruway. Cars will be traveling underneath overhead gentries. The sensors and cameras will scan license plates and EZ passes for billing. But what if you have a deteriorating or peeling plate?

If you don't have an EZ Pass, the camera will take a picture of your license plate and that's where the bill will be mailed. Many people's license plates are in pretty bad shape and they aren't old plates. If you do have a deteriorating or peeling plate, you are asked to swap them out with new plates. There is a catch, however, if you want to keep your original plate number, it will cost you twenty dollars.

Get this, if you choose not to get a new plate, and you travel the New York State Thruway starting in November, you could be ticketed and fined.

Here's what a Thruway Authority spokesperson said:

“Beyond the fact that New York state law requires motorists to have easily readable plates, it would be naïve of motorists to think that they can bypass the Thruway’s cashless tolling system with a peeling license plate.  Motorists should be fully aware of their responsibility to have clean and visible plates, and the New York State Police will enforce these vehicle traffic laws.”

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