If you've got Paw Patrol mini muffins, you should consider throwing them away. Mrs. Freshley's has pulled the muffins from store shelves.

If you've got mini muffins with Paw Patrol characters, you should consider throwing them away. Mrs. Freshley's has pulled the 'Paw Patrol' mini muffins from store shelves.

The brand says it was made aware of issues with the mini muffins, which come in "Barkin' Blueberry" and "Pawfect Choco-Chip" flavors, after customers began complaining about the taste of "chemicals" and noticing mold on the muffins.

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Amanda Shingleton wrote a warning on Facebook to other parents, saying her son went to school the next morning after eating a whole box of the muffins. She got a call from the school nurse saying her son was complaining of a sore throat. Originally she thought it may have been due to her son overcoming strep throat. Then, she tasted the muffins for herself.

I was getting ready to go to bed and saw the boys didn’t eat all of their muffins and a pack was open so I decided to eat them... It tasted just like chemicals! At first I thought maybe it was just off because they are suppose to be lower sugar so I tried another. I could immediately taste the chemicals and had an awful aftertaste. A few minutes later my throat started to tingle and burn.

Mrs. Freshley's responded to the claims with a statement, saying they have pulled the product from store shelves across the nation. They encourage anyone who has purchased the product to throw it out immediately and report any issues to the company's Consumer Relations Center at 866-245-8921.

However, it looks like all stores may not have pulled the products. Jenai Rossow of Ithaca says she has seen packages of muffins still being sold by local retailers and urges others not purchase them and to write to the company informing them if you see them on shelves near you.


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