Did you know Paul Rudd owns a candy shop and a secret Irish pub in New York?

Rudd is one of many stars that call the Hudson Valley home, but he is also an active part of the community in his hometown of Rhinebeck.

Five years ago Rudd famously purchased Sameul's of Rhinebeck with actor Jeffery Dean Morgan. The duo helped save the local candy shop after the previous owner, Ira Gutner, passed away. The candy shop has become a local tourist destination, with visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous owners. Although Rudd has been known to stop by the store from time to time, it's much more likely you'll find him at his Irish pub. But don't expect to find it on any map.

In an interview with New York magazine, Rudd revealedhe is the proud owner of Sullivan's. The bar was actually the brainchild of Rudd's father, Michael. After the actor's son was born, the elder Rudd decided he wanted his grandson to have his own Irish pub. Even though it would be a couple of decades until Rudd's son, whose middle name is Sullivan, would be able to belly up to the bar, the elaborate watering hole was created in the basement of grandpa's Kansas City home.

After Rudd purchased his home in Rhinebeck, his father made plans to move in and help construct a new bar in the Hudson Valley. Sadly, Michael passed away from cancer before the pub could be completed.

Rudd decided he needed to finish Sullivan's in honor of his father, so he made it his mission to construct the elaborate bar in his basement. It took over a year and several contractors but eventually, the dream bar was completed. The pub has everything you'd ever want in an Irish pub, including Guinness on tap.

Unfortunately, Sullivan's is not open to the public. Because it's in Rudd's basement, this bar has a very exclusive guest list. But who knows? Perhaps the actor's love of Irish pubs will inspire him to make another business purchase in Rhinebeck.

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