What type of Grinch or Scrooge robs a business on Christmas Day? Unfortunately, that's what happened in Utica.

Pantry 284 of 284 Genesee Street in Utica posted the news on Facebook that they got robbed on Christmas Day:

It is with great sadness and disappointment that we have to announce that our cafe was broken into and burglarized ON Christmas Day! We have worked our butts off to grow a family business in the city of Utica from which we are originally from. We brought our family HERE to be near FAMILY! We have poured EVERYTHING we are into this business to bring something new, healthy and unique to the area. Our loyal customers are amazing and we are forever grateful to you ALL for helping us get to where we are. This has truly been a learning experience and success doesn't come without haters, this is true! Shame on us for not having proper security measures in place but shame on the person(s) who thought it was necessary to ruin our business and cause our family unnecessary stress and anxiety."

The family isn't letting this set back hurt them. They want the public to know that this will only make them stronger.

As we decide the next step for our business, please be patient with us as we put back the pieces and if anyone has any information on our case we'd greatly appreciate any help. Returning to a level of safety and security we can feel confident in is our number one priority! Please know, WE are resilient business owners and are NOT stupid! There is NEVER any operating capital stored on premises so...don't waste your time! We are not a multi-million dollar facility and we bust our asses for every dollar earned to support our family! If you'd like to come looking for those few dollars 💵 they can be found sitting next to our shotgun!

It appears that robbers hacked open their office door to find the money. Many are commenting on this post in support of the business, including other local businesses:

Renee Basile: We have never met but if we at BLACK CAT RESTAURANT can help we are here. Please reach out to me Renee Rowlands Basile."

No word if the robber has been caught yet.


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