Looking to make some easy cash? It may only require an hour of your time.

On the Syracuse Reddit board, one user needs help from Central New Yorker's. They are currently working on a long-term research project related to different types of non-verbal communication. As part of the project they are conducting local interviews. They want a wide variety of people too.

As part of this project I'm conducting interviews with people from all walks of life. The interviews will be approximately one-hour long and will take place in a public location (usually a coffee shop or public library) in the Syracuse/Liverpool area. The interviews involve some questions about your background and your preferences followed up with some quick psychological games and tests. Nothing too challenging (i.e. not the sort of thing with "right" answers.)"

Payment is $40 for the first session. Some participants may be asked in for a follow-up session that is two hours and pays $120.

Men and women from a broad range of ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. If you're interested, please send a message via Reddit to apply.

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