This weekend be sure to take a moment and look to the sky at night. In New York, viewing conditions should be perfect for the Orionid Meteor shower.

Lucky for us, October is some of the best viewing for this shower. You have to look near the constellation Orion. According to, you will see the best meteor times around 2AM. The best dates will be around this time the 20th, 21st, and 22nd. And lucky for us in Central New York, the moon won't cause any problems to catch the show:

Skywatchers in 2017 will not have moonlight to contend with, as the first-quarter moon will have set long before the meteors put on their best show. If you miss the peak, the show is also visible between Oct. 15 and 29, as long as the moon isn't washing the meteors out."

Sometimes the shower peaks at 80 meteors an hour; while other times it is closer to 20 or 30. reports that the peak may be on the smaller end of the scale this time around.



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