Memorial Day weekend usually marks the beginning of camping season in central New York. This year, many campgrounds will remain closed due to COVID-19, including in Oneida County, where camping won't begin until June, at the earliest.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente spoke out about when campgrounds will open after receiving several calls and emails. "If you have paid attention, Oneida County has been at the forefront of prevention and protection during this crisis, and that is why we are among the first regions of the state allowed to reopen," Picente shared on Facebook.

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Some businesses will re-open Friday May 15th for Phase One, including construction, manufacturing and restaurants with curbside pickup.

Picente assured residents Oneida County will reopen safely and responsibly." I have lived this from the beginning and am well aware of everyone’s desire to resume some type of normalcy. There are people who have not been able to bury their loved ones, many who have not been able to visit their parents at a nursing home or their own homes, and the hundreds that have tested positive and thousands in quarantine."

Campgrounds will only open if it's safe to do so June 1st. "I do not care if I lose your support, approval or vote, I only care that we do not lose more lives," said Picente. "If we get through Phase 1, campgrounds will be open on June 1."

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