Meet Kody, who has spent everyday of his life in the hospital. He was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect in which the left heart is severely underdeveloped, a condition that is fatal if left untreated.

His upcoming surgery will be the scariest out of the 3 and will carry the most risk

Ashley Learned of Oneida gave birth to Kody in August and despite being less than 3 months old, Kody has already had one of 3 required open-heart surgeries. "His upcoming surgery will be the scariest out of the 3 and will carry the most risk," mom says.

Multiple issues complicated Kody's first surgery and doctor were unable to complete the entire 1st stage. Learne says "Doctors will be reconstructing his aortic arch and relocating the spot where his superior vena cava attaches."

After the surgeries, Kody won't be out of the woods. He'll still need a heart transplant when he's older.

You can support Kody and raise awareness about HLHS by purchasing a t-shirt. "We'd love everyone to wear it on the day of his open heart surgery to show support and pray for our little man," encourages Learne.

Ashley Learne
Ashley Learne

Learned is on extended unpaid maternity leave from her job as an LPN to be with her son during the first 2 surgeries. The t-shirt sales will also help cover medical expenses for the family.

Follow Kody's journey at Prayers For Kody Michael on Facebook.

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