Kids grow so fast, they are constantly needing new clothes or shoes. Since money doesn't grow on trees, most parents can't afford the latest fashion trends, especially if they have several children. An answer is coming to New Hartford: Once Upon A Child; a store featuring gently used brand name clothes, shoes, toys, books, equipment, and furniture.

Not only can you buy your child's wardrobe, you can sell it too. Gather up all the used stuff they no longer fit into or need and bring them to Once Upon A Child for payment on-the-spot.

There's no word on when the store at 8411 Seneca Turnpike will open but they are hiring. If you know who Barney, Dora or Diego are. Can you open a double convenience stroller with one hand. Can you talk on the phone, change a diaper and get a grade-schooler out the door all at the same time. You can fill out a job application at Once Upon A Time.

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