OMG Keith Urban sent me a birthday card.  Not just any birthday card.  He wrote me a note inside too!  Wanna know what he said?

I'm no 'Stupid Boy' and I would never let one of your most important birthday's go by.  It was nice for 'Somebody Like You' to be such a 'Sweet Thing' and send that video!!  It makes me wanna 'Put You in a Song!!!'  This is a 'Once in a Lifetime' birthday and you can tell your friends 'I Told You So.'  And if it's 'Raining on Sunday' you can look forward to an even 'Better Life.'

Happy 40th Love Keith Urban


How great is that?  I received the card in the mail this morning.  He may not have sang me Happy Birthday as I wished for in my video, but to take the time to write me a personal card, and put in his song titles like I did in my video, you can't ask for more than that.

Plus, I can watch him sing Happy Birthday in this YouTube video below any time I want.  I'll just imagine he's saying my name.

Thank you Keith, you made my day!  I love you even more than I already did, if that's even possible.  And a bigger thanks to Diane who may have had a hand in making this happen.  Love you too Diane :)

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