New York State, as we all know is rich in history, from political leaders, industry, technology, and art, NYS has paved the way. But, did you know New York State was also at the forefront for college fraternities?


Out of all of the fraternities throughout the United States, there is one that is recognized as being the first and oldest.

The first fraternity was formed at Union College, a private liberal arts college located in Schenectady, NY. Delta Phi was formed by a group of upperclassmen as an anti-masonry group back in November of 1827.

Union College Via Facebook
Union College Via Facebook

Delta Phi remains a small fraternity with ten active chapters and a few chapters with more than a couple dozen members. Delta Phi has resisted growing the organization in order to maintain the "intimate and personal experience."

Hamilton College, located in Clinton, NY is home to one of the current chapters of Delta Phi. Hamilton College recently made it on a list of the top 12 most beautiful college colleges in Upstate New York.

We have the list here of the dozen most stunning campuses in Upstate:

The 12 Most Stunning College Campuses in Upstate NY

Throughout New York State, our college campuses run from the urban blocks-long, wooden and brick ones in New York City, to the sprawling college campuses which dot Upstate New York from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo. We list here the dozen most stunning campuses in Upstate.

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