If you have the pipes and patriotism, Boilermaker Road Race officials want to hear you sing the National Anthem.

Race officials will hold a competition to find seven singers to perform a cappella versions of the Star Spangled Banner for several Boilermaker events in 2017.

The competition will be held from 12 - 2 p.m. at MVCC's IT building, room 225 on May 13.

Judging will be done by a collection of local music professionals and singers must be able to sing a traditional version of the National Anthem within 1 minute and 35 seconds.

Winners will be assigned which event they will sing at and will be given Boilermaker gear to wear during their performances.

The events performers will sing at are:

  • The Kid's Run
  • Boilermaker Walk
  • Youth Olympics
  • The Volunteer Party
  • 5K Race
  • Post Race Party

“The singing talent in the Mohawk Valley is incredible,” Boilermaker Special Events Director Judy Ingalls said in a press release,  “It’s always a pleasure to showcase what they have to offer on Boilermaker weekend.”

To schedule a performance time in the competition, call the Boilermaker Road Race office at (315) 731-3701 and leave your contact information.


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