What are some people thinking? Several offensive Halloween costumes, including a Boston Marathon victim and Trayvon Martin, have led to job loss and even death threats this year.

Alicia Ann Lynch of Michigan was fired from her job after posting a picture of her Boston Marathon victim costume.  Lynch deleted all her social media accounts after she and her family received death threats.  She apologized on Buzzfeed.com.


Not a very smart costume decision on her part. Maybe she'll learn from this experience. On the other hand, you'd think Caitlin Cimeno is a Massachusett, a mother of two, would know better. She was fired for posting a picture of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Cimeno also deleted all her social media accounts after the picture went viral.

Cimeno isn't the only mom making bad Halloween costume decisions. Jessica Black of Virginia let her 7-year-old son, Jackson dress up as a member of the KKK. Despite the backlash in the neighborhood and on social media, mom doesn't feel she did anything wrong, calling it 'cool.'


Julianne Hough started the offensive Halloween trend this year.

When will people learn to keep some things off social media.  If you're going to be controversial, maybe you shouldn't post it for the world to see.  It never ends well.

Source: WHSV, Buzzfeed

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