Usually when these insanely cold temperatures hit most people feel the need to hibernate, not go swimming.

For some reason, the Polar Bear Plunge is still a thing all over the world.

Right here in New York plungers showed up in droves to Coney Island and Lake George to strip down and jump in the icy water.

WNYT in Albany was in Lake George for to capture the moment and make us all feel much warmer for not being there.

Comments on the post ranged from those who have 'been there and done that,' to others who thought the event was 'nuts.'

One commenter who was taking the plunge sad the air temperate was -13, but the water was about 30 degrees so it was actually warmer in the water, 'like taking a bath,' he said.

I'll stick to 100-degree showers indoors thank you very much.

Have you ever taken the Polar Bear Plunge? Is it something you have on your bucket list, or something you'll proudly avoid?



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