North Star Orchards is more than just a family market. It's a way of life for George Joseph and his children that began in 1983.

Behind the store is an almost 200 acre Orchard Joseph bought more than 3 decades ago and turned into fields of fruit, vegetables and evolving beauty. From the apple trees and grape vines to the bare field that will soon become a sea of tulips. "To be in an orchard when it’s in full bloom, it’s illuminating," says Joseph.

You never know what the fields will yield at North Star Orchards, where Joseph says he is one of the few growing blueberries and grapes. “Nobody told me we couldn’t do it, so that’s why we did it. That’s what we did with the blueberries. You don’t see many blueberries." And more changes are coming soon. "My next thing, that I think only a couple places in the country have, is tulips.”

Inside the store is the fruit of Joseph's labor, items from local artisans, aged cheeses and baked goods that make anyone drool. "My sister, when we first started, did over 10,000 muffins at home, and burned up her oven twice," laughs Joseph.

A few burned ovens didn't stop Joseph who believes nothing comes easy. "The only thing that was ever given to me was an opportunity.” And Joseph turned that opportunity into a family business kids, young and old, have enjoyed for years. From apple and pumpkin picking in the fall and Christmas tress in the Winter to fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants in the Spring and Summer.

“The one thing that compliments everything we worked hard for is to have 3 of my four kids in the business. That’s what it’s all about. And I think the 4th will eventually find his way back home.” Sounds like you can take the boy out of the orchard, but you can’t take the orchard out of the boy.

North Star Orchards


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