Blue-green algae is closing one Syracuse Lake.

The Syracuse Parks Department is banning swimming and fishing in Hiawatha Lake, in Onondaga Park.

Blue-green algae, known as 'pond scum,' can change the taste of water and reduce the flow of light to lower depths of the water, potentially harming the lake’s ecosystem. Hiawatha Lake is currently partially drained for repairs along the wall and has a lower water level than usual, which will continue throughout the summer.

Everyone is advised not to swim or wade in the lake, or allow their pets to do the same. Residents should not fish or consume fish from the lake either.

Signs are posted around Hiawatha Lake.

Syracuse Park Dept
Syracuse Park Dept

This isn't the first New York beach closed to swimming this summer over algae problems. Sylvan Beach was closed earlier this month. It has since re-opened to swimmers.


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