The Oneida County Public Market is on a brief hiatus as the winter market has ended and the summer version doesn't begin until May 15. When it does reopen, online ordering will be available for the first time.

As the market hits their 10th anniversary, it was created as an economic initiative be County Executive Anthony Picente Jr. in 2011, an online ordering system will debut. The OCPM Online Market will enable consumers to place an order once a week for Saturday pickup. More details and ordering information will come before the market reopens for the summer season.

Online ordering is a win-win for farmers and consumers, as the use of hot beds and greenhouses enables fresh produce to be made year round. A recent episode of Cooking With Polly featured a fresh salad featuring all recently local grown produce in early February. Watch the episode to learn more.

Farmers interested in participating in the market or anyone who wants more information on participating vendors can visit Oneida County Public or contact Alicia Luhrssen-Zombek at Oneida County Cornell Cooperative Extension:

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