April 1st is here and that will have many of us wondering if everything is true or real around us. April Fool's Day is the big day for jokers and pranksters and there may be a big payday for you.

Sour Patch Kids candy is offering some cash for those who have SAFE and fun pranks. According their social media, The popular candy brand set up a "Sour Patch Prank Fund" to inspire its customers to partake in "fun but safe pranks." The company will reward fans with not only cash, but sweet candy prizes as well. To earn a prize, you have to share your prank video on TikTok. The candy brand will randomly select 25 lucky winners to be awarded one-thousand-dollars.

The radio prank that I remember the most was the year that we advised listeners to buy toilet paper because the county was going to start to add a tax to it. It went over pretty well as many listeners called to complain about the fees. I am not sure how many people actually purchased a stock of toilet paper but it did make a few waves. It was fun and safe and memorable. Another year, we used a very faint sound of a cricket over the air behind songs and breaks and told listeners that we had been advised by the engineers that a cricket got in to our transmitter site and was making all the noise!

Have a fun day and keep an eye out for pranks!

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