A nice home in Utica is looking for a good family. Oneida County Habitat for Humanity has announced they will be building a new home in 2018. Now the search begins for the family that will occupy it.

The home will be built in the 300 block of Lansing Street in Utica. It's not a giveaway, the family will have to qualify for a low interest mortgage and help with the construction of the home. In addition to being an Oneida Country resident for at least 12 months, the family also needs to meet these requirements:

Need for Adequate Housing

Current residence takes 30% of monthly income to maintain. Is subject to overcrowding and safety concerns.

Ability to Pay 

Must qualify for a low-income mortgage. Household income must be 60% or less average income in Oneida County. For instance, a family of four can only earn $37,500 or less.

Willingness to Partner

Family has to assist with construction of home or provide support of it's construction. In some cases that can include family and friends assisting.
If you or you know of someone who fits the bill, the first step is filling out an application. You can download it or pick up a copy at Habitat's ReStore located at 494 French Road, Utica, NY. Get more details at Habitat of Humanity. Deadline for applications is November 15.


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