Would you believe it if we told you that 1 in 4 New Yorker's admitted that they will miss lock down life? A new survey says yes to that.

EveryDay Carry did a survey on around 4,500 people and they found that a third say the lock down has brought a greater community spirit, a greater appreciation for spending time with friends and family, and even 27% of people felt they learned new skills during the whole pandemic.

29% of New Yorker's will miss the lock down, while the rest are ready to move on.

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What kind of benefits have people been experiencing?

45% of people have been grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with their partner, or family.

35% of people have enjoyed the sense of community spirit which has emerged during the pandemic, which has brought people closer together.

9% of people have been grateful for the decrease in pollution.

6% of people were glad to work on home improvements

3% of people enjoyed getting more sleep.


What New Skills Have People Learned?

27% of people believe they could begin growing their own fruit and vegetables.

55% of people reported that they would know how to tackle something like a leaky pipe or a disaster in the kitchen involving a sharp knife.


Which States Will Miss Lock Down The Most?

Alabama- 35.5% of people
Alaska- 55.3% of people
Arizona- 72.3% of people
Arkansas- 23.2% of people
California- 47.6% of people


Who Won't Miss The Lock Down The Most?

Washington- 51.4% of people
Virginia-  47% of people
Wisconsin- 42.4% of people
Wyoming- 40.6% of people
West Virginia- 13.7% of people


What Have You Missed? What Will You Miss?

What are the things you will miss, or have missed, during this pandemic? Let us know by commenting below!


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