Have you noticed hunters getting restless? It's because the opening of early bowhunting deer season in New York's Northern Zone is less than a week away. And even better news, the NY Department of Conservation has announced the annual Youth Big Game Hunt will expand to include deer and bear.

The annual event is part of the Junior Hunter Mentoring Program and is held on Columbus Day Weekend, October 6 through 8. 14 and 15-year-olds can use a firearm to hunt when accompanied by a licensed adult hunter. For the first time, junior hunters can take one deer (either sex) and one bear.

The Youth Hunt is open everywhere in New York except in Suffolk County and in bowhunting-only areas. The tagging regulations can be a little complicated, antlerless deer may be tagged with a regular season tag, Deer Management Permit, or Deer Management Assistance Program tags. Antlered deer may only be tagged with the regular season tag.

Get more information on the specific regulations at the DEC's website.


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