If you don't have a prom date, do the next best thing. Take yourself. Wyatt Cheatle, a junior at Brighton High School in Rochester came up with the idea to take himself to the prom in a half suit/half dress. His unique creation has now gone viral.

"My son was flying solo to the prom and decided he'd be his own date," mom Kelly posted on Reddit. "The week before the big event, he decided rather than going with a boring old suit, we'd split the difference and send him in a half suit/half dress."

A trip to the thrift store resulted in pants, shirt and a dress that according to mom required "lots of cutting and rearranging. We didn't quite have time to find him shoes to match, but there's always senior prom."

The plan was to only show friends and family but Kelly said "everyone's so in love with it/people are taking it really positively we decided to share."

By the way, Wyatt had a great time at the prom.

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