A college junior recently received quite the shocking surprise in the mail. No, it wasn't a tuition bill, or some embarrassing note from their parents. It was something completely different and unexpected, that was meant to be delivered to another part of the state. A lot of people would even say this delivery mix-up was downright creepy. WBNG says this accidental experience left this poor student terrified, and has lead her to having some sleepless nights.

All she wanted was her Apple charger that she had ordered.

WBNG says the this Binghamton University student got a mangled looking FedEx package delivered to them dorm Tuesday. But while the box may have had her name, address, and tracking number, something wasn't right. And by not right, we mean there were cremated ashes spilling out of the box. Someone somewhere screwed up big time.

WBNG says the box containing the cracked urn and cremated ashes was meant for a family in Auburn, NY. Somehow, it arrived at the college instead. Sources say that she was able to reach out to the family, who came to collect the ashes they had been waiting on. While there are still a lot of questions concerning what exactly happened here, and how these remains were so carelessly handled, one United States Postal Service spokesman offered this statement:

First and foremost, the Postal Service offers our deepest condolences to the family and we are grateful to hear the package was returned to them.

Meanwhile, WBNG says the college student still hasn't received her Apple charger.

The chase finally ended when the vehicle he was driving was too damaged to go any further. the man is now facing a number of charges, including reckless driving.

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