New York is standing with Ukraine. The Governor signed an Executive Order against doing any more business with Russia.

Governor Kathy Hochul directed all New York State agencies and authorities to review and divest public funds from Russia following the country's "unjustified and unprovoked attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine."

"Russia has chosen to attack democracy and we will stand with Ukraine as we condemn these atrocities," Governor Hochul said. "Our state will not permit its own investment activity, whether directly or indirectly, to aid Russia as it commits these human rights violations. New York is home to the largest population of Ukrainians in the United States - they are our family and an attack on them is an attack on us all. We will make our statements and values known and show solidarity with Ukraine as we rebuke this assault on democracy."

New York State is home to the largest Ukrainian population in the United States. Governor Hochul said agencies are prepared to support refugees of the crisis and welcome them to the state.

Several businesses have pulled Russian products from store shelves including Premier Group Wine and Spirits in the Buffalo area. "Effective immediately and in response to Russia's unethical and immoral invasion of Ukraine, the stores of the Premier Group are removing all Russian products from our shelves. We #StandwithUkraine," the company shared on Facebook.

A number of monuments and buildings are being lit in yellow and or blue to show support for Ukraine, not just in the U.S. but all across the world.

Ukraine and the World's Response to Russia's Attack - February 24, 2022 to Present

The following images help document Russia's invasion of Urkaine, and the world's response. The reader is STRONGLY CAUTIONED that this gallery CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES, some of which include IMAGES OF DEATH. As of March 5, 2022 the gallery includes images that are not suitable for all readers. The reader is cautioned not to view this gallery without discretion.

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