No one knows better how long and hard restaurant employees are working than a restaurant owner. One decided to pay it forward by leaving a massive tip at another restaurant in Lake George, New York.

Frank Scavio of Paesan's Pizza in New York City, visited the Lake George Beach Club  where they serve frozen Paesan's Pizzas. He asked his server Rafael to rate the pizza. After taking a bite, Rafael gave it a rating of 8.4, not knowing who Scavio was.

Scavio wasn't at the restaurant to evaluate the pizza. He was there to show his respect and appreciation for the hard-working employees. "This pandemic has created a crisis for small businesses and now that restrictions have been lifted, workers have not been quick to return to their positions," Scavio said. "Businesses can't run if they aren't fully staffed."

After the meal, Scavio left a $1,840 tip on his $75 bill. $840 went to Rafael for his 8.4 pizza rating. $1,000 went to the restaurant. "We are humbled by fellow local business owner Frank Scavio of Paesans Pizza and his show of support for our business and more importantly for giving our hardworking staff the appreciation they deserve," the Lake George Beach Club shared on Facebook.

Credit - Lake George Beach Club via Facebook

"We are so thankful to the amazing staff we have working with us every day," the owners of the Beach Club said. "We are also happy to support local businesses like Paesan’s who put out a quality product that we are proud to carry and serve to our customers."

Scavio hopes others will follow his lead. "Please let restaurant employees know how much they mean to you the next time you're visiting your favorite restaurant."

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