There are a number of places to enjoy a snowy winter wonderland across the country. Utah, Alaska, and Colorado have plenty of beautiful options for the cold-weather enthusiast.

New York has lots of snow too, making it home to 2 of the 10 most beautiful snow-covered cities in the country, and one place may surprise you.

#4 Lake Placid, New York

It probably comes as no surprise that Lake Placid was named the 4th most beautiful snow-covered city. It's hosted the Olympics not once, but twice. You may remember the Miracle on Ice when the U.S. hockey team beat the Russians in 1980.
It also sees about 100 inches of snow every year, plenty for skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or any other winter activity.

Lake Placid is a hub for all sorts of outdoor sports, but it also offers a variety of museums and other tourist attractions (like the 30-foot Lake Placid Toboggan Chute) to appeal to everyone.

Credit - Lake Placid ADK via Facebook
Credit - Lake Placid ADK via Facebook

#7 Buffalo, New York

Surprisingly, Buffalo came in as the seventh most beautiful snow-covered city in America. They do see a lot of snow every year, about 95 inches on average. But many may not realize the actual beauty Buffalo has to offer.

The city features tons of museums and trendy restaurants, but it also boasts a lot of natural beauty. For instance, Niagara Falls is only a short drive away.

Record Snowstorm Pummels Buffalo
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Lake George, New York

Lake George needs to be added to the list. It may not get as much snow as Lake Placid or Buffalo, but it's still beautiful in any season. It's surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains and it's home to the famous Ice Castles. What's more beautiful than that?

Credit - Bryan Rowland via Ice Castles
Credit - Bryan Rowland via Ice Castles

Most Beautiful

Where is the most beautiful snow-covered city? Jackson Hole, Wyoming tops the list as the most beautiful place of all, according to The Travel.

A destination that’s literally surrounded by natural beauty.

You can check out all 10 of the most beautiful snow-covered places in the country at and maybe start planning your next winter vacation to a new snowy destination.

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