Living in 2019 is a beautiful thing with technology. Sometimes, while typing on the computer, there is this beautiful invention that shows you when words are misspelled. One New York high school wishes they took advantage of that before issuing more than 400 "Certificates of Achievement’.

The New York Daily News reports that administrators at Stuyvesant High School, the city’s academically top-ranked public school, awarded more than 400 "Certificates of Achievement’ to its top-performing seniors. When these students opened their envelopes, they found the word “recipient” misspelled with an extra “E.”

“It fits that we end our time at a prestigious school with a mistaken award certificate," says newly-graduated student Rashed Rifat. “It’s both fitting and ironic.”

So how did this happen? Department of Education spokeswoman Danielle Filson said an administrator printed the awards and stamped them with the signature of principal Eric Contreras. You can find the photo online here.

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