A New York dairy farmer isn't crying over spilled milk. Instead the family is spreading encouragement, hoping to make milk great again.

Chelsie Fuller's family runs a dairy farm in Newark Valley, where they have been dumping milk almost everyday. "It’s hard to see all the things happening to farms. So far over 400 load of milk have been dump this week in the North-East. 13 plants are down. We have to get milk back in to the stores."

With everything happening Chelsie decided to honor the farmers working so hard every day.

Here’s to the farmers that work day in and day out to produce a safe and healthy product.

Here’s to the farmers that stay up late waiting for that one special cow to calve.

Here’s to the farmers that work late in the fields after milking to get the crops in before it rains.

Here’s to the farmers that have the love and passion for what they do.

"I just wanted to say thank you to all the farmers that put in so much work."

Photo Credit - Chelsie Fuller
Photo Credit - Chelsie Fuller

How can you help?

If you are in your local grocery stores or convenience stores and you see empty shelves of dairy products, please take a picture and/or send an email to the American Dairy Assiociation North East division at: dairyspot@milk4u.org or call them directly at 315.472.9143.

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