This is why you don't tailgate!

Joey Giovanni shared the accident on Facebook to urge drivers to be cautious on the road. "I don't want to be disrespectful to the people involved, but I'm showing this accident to explain to everyone the dangers of tailing someone too closely."

Giovanni puts it this way - if the speed on the Thruway is 65mph. That equals 95 feet per second. If the average car length is around 15 feet, you'd travel about 6 car lengths in one second. "It can take 200 or more feet to stop your vehicle that's going 65mph."

The crash happened Tuesday May 28th on the Thruway in Buffalo near the S Ogden Street exit.

Hopefully no one was injured and everyone leaves a little more space for the car in front of them.

Photo Credit - Joey Giovanni
Photo Credit - Joey Giovanni

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