A New York couple quarantined home alone, are passing the days by dressing up as a different TV or movie character.

Ron and Wendy Reu of Northville, New York recreate different movie or TV characters every day. It started with a normal selfie, as a joke on the first day of quarantine. "We told our friends we planned on posting a picture every day and if a day went without a picture, that they should send help," joked Wendy. "It evolved from there."

Surprisingly, the daily costumes were easier to get Ron to do than Wendy thought. "He's usually very reserved and doesn't like attention but I suggested it and he agreed." There was a little resistance when it came time for Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. "He was a little hesitant but in the end caved."

And we're so glad he did....

Photo Credit - Wendy Reu
Photo Credit - Wendy Reu

When the couple aren't in costume they are busy giving back. Wendy has been making face masks for health care workers and Ron, who drives a school bus, has been delivering food to the kids in the neighborhood.

The costumes aren't just something for her and her husband to look forward to every day. "We have fun with it and appreciate others do too," said Wendy. "We wanted to give people something to smile about. The more smiles the better."

Quarantine Costumes

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