Several new doors are being opened in New York State due to the legalization of recreational marijuana. You can now take your stash with you when you travel on an airplane.

The Albany Times Union reports that Transportation Security Administration officials will no longer be looking for marijuana when searching individual passengers or their luggage. The Times Union spoke with a former New York State Police Colonel by the name of Bart Johnson about the discovery of marijuana in the luggage of New York travelers. Johnson told the Times Union, "We don’t seize it. We just look for threats — explosives, knives, guns; we don’t look for illegally possessed narcotics."

The author of the Times Union article also spoke with Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple about deputies who are called on to respond to TSA checkpoint lines during searches. Apple tells the Times Union that they no longer issue tickets or make arrests for possession of three ounces of pot or less, per New York State law. Not only do the deputies not issue tickets or make arrests, they do not confiscate the marijuana either.

Similar experiences have been shared about travel in states like California and Colorado. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, it's likely you'll continue to see less regulations and less enforcement when it comes to possession of pot. In the years to come, New Yorkers will be able to walk into a store and purchase pot products and in several varieties. There's comfort in knowing you can bring your favorite strain on any plane. While some law enforcement agencies are looking the other way when it comes to pot on planes, you may want to call ahead or make sure your local airport allows it.

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