How many times are we going to write 2012 on checks when paying the Christmas bills in 2013? With the new year and new month, some things to consider in January.

First Snow
Phil Nye/TSM

Jan 1. - New Year's Day

Jan 21 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

So, other than the two dates, it's pretty much a quiet month after the holidays. We even have to wait until February 3rd for the Super Bowl.

With January smack dab in the dead of winter, what kind of January will we have, weather  wise? According to "The 2013 Old Farmer's Almanac" for our region January looks like this:

Average temperature: 30 degrees (.5 degrees below average east of Lake Ontario and 6 degrees higher in the west)

Jan. 1 -5 - Snow showers and cold

Jan 6 - 9 - Snowstorm then flurries and cold

Jan. 10 - 15 - A shower and mild

Jan. 16 - 19 - Snow showers, cold

Jan. 20 - 26 - Showers, mild

Jan. 27 - 31 - Sunny, then snow showers and mild

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