You can get even closer to the magnificent giraffes at the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango.

A brand new giraffe feeding station not only provides more room for the animals to roam but also gives everyone a chance to get closer than ever before. "We are never satisfied at our park and we are always looking to improve for our animals and our guests," park owner Jeff Taylor said.

The original giraffe feeding station could only be built with stairs due to lack of space at the time, creating problems for anyone with disability issues or in a wheelchair. Taylor wanted to change that. "We decided to more than double the size of our giraffe yard for the animals, but we also opened the new feeding station that is fully accessible to all of our guests," said Taylor.

Wild guests are excited over the changes. "I love how you are creating more room for the animals," Matt Jones said.

Gary DuMont said, "the surest way to tell owners are taking pride in their company is the constant improvements."

Alisa Crimi O'Hagan is happy her kids can now enjoy the new feeding station. "As a mom that has a kid using a wheelchair, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

How close can you now get to the giraffes? "I could feel them breathing on me," said Linda Perry. "It was so amazing to be that close."

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