Though I have not yet experienced the beauty of parenthood, I have heard all the stories about how challenging the first few months can be when it comes to getting sleep. The siblings of Bellmore Merrick Pediatrics in Bellmore, NY have a new method to help with the process, but it's raising a few eyebrows.

The brothers Dr. Lewis and Dr. Jonathan Jassey have wrote a new book together called, "The Newborn Sleep Book." In it they talk about their new method for getting newborns to sleep longer throughout the night. According to an article on The FOX News website,

To train newborns to sleep through the night, the Jassey brothers created a method that eliminates middle-of-the-night feeding by stretching out meal times to occur at four-hour intervals during the day.

The theory behind their method is to train a baby’s hunger receptors to acclimate to a specific schedule. As long as a baby gets fed the appropriate amount of food needed for healthy weight gain and development, they will not become hungry at inconvenient times— like 2 a.m.

This may seem like a good idea considering the baby is still getting the proper nutrition and the parents are getting the sleep they need, however some parents think that the method is a little harsh. By spreading the feeding out over 4 hours instead of when the baby is hungry may be a cause for concern. The parents in the article did see positive results from the method, however getting there was difficult. What are your thoughts on this new method?