Have you ever wanted to get one step closer to experiencing just what the characters in your favorite movie experience? A new theater at Destiny USA in Syracuse is giving you that opportunity with 4D features.

According to Syracuse.com, the new Regal Cinemas 4DX theater opened last week with a number of additional features that sync with the movie playing. Those features include simulated wind, rain, fog, bubbles, lightning, snow, vibrations and scents. If you're not looking to get a little wet, you'll be able to turn off the water feature, but that's about it.

Of course, tickets cost more for this all-inclusive movie experience. Whereas a 2D movie at Destiny costs around $13.10, a 4D ticket costs $21.10, according to Syracuse.com.

This renovation at Destiny's theater is one of many coming in the near future. Syracuse.com reports that there will be more food and drink options, including a coffee shop and smoothie bar, along with lobby and bathroom upgrades. There's also going to be a new theater with a panoramic screen that runs along the front AND side walls, to give viewers a wider view of the action. How cool is that??

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