Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney are sitting on a bench together, eating ice cream in Omaha. No really. It happened. McCartney had a show that night and enjoyed dinner with Buffett before the two grabbed some ice cream. 16 year-old Tom White heard they were in town and rushed to get a picture. What he got was one of the best selfies, ever!

'We all went crazy and ran as fast as we could. The security guard had to tell me to calm down.' White told ABCNews.

White posted the photo, that's gone viral, on Instagram saying 'Chillin with my homies.'

McCartney even retweeted it. Could explain the photo going viral.

Tom wasn't the only lucky one to meet the celebs. Katy Clarke celebrated her birthday with a kiss from McCartney, a hug from Buffett and a picture to prove it.