If you're an allergy sufferer and think that this year is worse than previous years, you're not crazy. Pollen bombs are everywhere this season, but what are they and what causes them??

Because winter has lasted so long, the trees and plants are essentially 'itching' (bad choice of words) to fly all of their pent up pollen and on the first warm windy day that comes along, BOOM the bomb goes off. So what are we to do?

There's a plethora of OTC drugs that combat our body's reaction to those little yellow spores and there's always a new drug that comes out each year as our bodies continue to develop immunities to each one. It's always best to start popping pills or shooting sprays a few weeks in advance of Spring's arrival so when the pollen flies it doesn't affect you at all or at least lessen the symptoms. Staying indoors only helps so much but you have to go out sooner or later. If your symptoms are so debilitating that you can't function properly or do your job, might be best to grab a morning off and consult an allergist.

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