More details are coming out over the Billy Currington indictment on 'terroistic threat' charges.  After reading the police report on WSAV News in Savannah, Georgia, it sounds like a heated argument that got out of control and the whole thing is being blown out proportion.

Boat captain Charles Harvey Ferrelle, claims Currington threatened him and his crew when he passed his property, saying he was going to 'f**k Ferrelle up.'  Ferrelle says Currington came after him and he felt threatened, 'If I hadn’t gotten into my slip fast enough I believe he would have run me over.'

Days later a woman filed a report, claiming a boat, driven by Ferrelle, came too close to the property she was on and almost knocked the man she was caring for off the dock and into the water.

tweeted about the incident and his appreciation for the support he's receiving.

Two days later he shared a little of his side of the story.

So far, there is no report of Billy's side of the story. But it sounds like it was just an argument that got out of control. To claim 'terroristic threats' is a little over the top. When I hear that word I think of the Boston bombings or 9-11, not an argument between two people. There isn't a person on the planet who hasn't lost their temper and acted badly, except maybe Mother Theresa.  I'm not excusing his behavior, but no one knows the entire story except Billy, Ferrelle and the police. I just hope this ugly situation gets cleared up and Billy can go back to focusing on his music career. Billy has been charged with making 'terroristic threats' and abuse of an elderly person.