The story of the stolen Peanuts characters has a happy ending in Clinton - by way of Waterville.

When 9-year-old Noah Terrell noticed two of the characters he and his dad made were missing, he was crushed. "I just want to bring people happiness, why do they have to steal my stuff?" Noah asked.

Michael Terrell, the minister at the Clinton United Methodist Church, and his son, Noah, have been making Peanuts characters since Noah was little. Noah absolutely loves Peanuts, and father and son would create 2-3 characters every year from scratch - drawing, cutting, and painting the figures.

Two of the character, Sally and Rerun, disappeared from the field near the church two weeks ago. A couple of days later, Sally was recovered along the side of the road in Waterville, but Rerun was still on the lam.

Late last week, Rerun reappeared, left at the offices of The Waterville Times sometime overnight. Michael announced the good news on Facebook, "Great news! “Rerun”, another lost peanuts character was mysteriously found at The Waterville Times office and should be returned home tonight! Now we can finish putting the rest of the hair on his head! My son is going to go through the roof when he gets home."

Credit: Michael Terrell

Noah is thrilled to see Rerun returned, and now all the characters are back together in the field near the church once again.

Credit: Michael Terrell

Stories like this restore our faith in humanity - and proves even if you make a mistake, you can still make it right by doing a good thing.

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